"Get the Heck Out of Here, You Nerd." - Bionic Commando (NES)


Childs Play '09

A night of food, wine, games, and charity.


Bottling my limited edition 3L etched Jeroboam's after harvest.

PAX '09

A quick random video of my weekend at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle and my quest to get my wine in the hands of the guys of what was the best gaming podcast on the net, ListenUp/1UPYours (RIP). I dreamed of getting my wine consumed on this podcast for 3 years and it was worth the wait.

Guerilla Tactics

How do you get your product out there when you have a limited marketing budget ... you run up and put it on stage at Diggnation.

Bottling Day

A quick video of 8-Bit Vintners first bottling of "Player 1" on July 29, 2009 in Walla Walla, Washington.

Player 1 Barrel Sample

A few months before bottling, I check out how the wine is coming along in barrel.

CO-OP Episode 309

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

1337 Wine

Mark reviews the 2007 Player 1 from 8-Bit Vintners.

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